We can help you with production, logo design, event planning and design for print as well. Starting 2019, we will also offer clear and transparent on-demand marketing & PR support, as well as an of-the-shelf solution for your game’s website and presskit.


We can design your studio and game logo starting at €350, depending on your needs and the amount of iterations you will require.



We can assist you with production, planning and project management using any methodologies you need. This means that we will serve as an external producer for you, when you need it. We will help you build and maintain your backlog, set your milestones, coordinate your progress and speed and evaluate your progress. Our production services are offered online and have an hourly price depending on the size of your project and the workload you need.



We can help you prepare your presence at various international business and consumer trade shows. This includes coaching on what to expect from the event and how to set your best goals, planning your trip and your attendance, preparing the materials you will need, including pitch decks, printed materials and demo builds, making sure you are accommodating trade show requirements, and designing a memorable presence for you at the selected trade shows.



We can design your printed materials, including your business cards, flyers, promotional materials, key cards and more. We can also assist you in preparing publisher and investor documents which are often printed, such as pitch decks and One Page presentations for your company and your game, according to the target of the documents.



We will prepare clear, transparent and comprehensive service packs to assist you with marketing & PR for your game. This includes scheduling your marketing campaign, designing your presence on various online services, scheduling your broadcasts and videos, preparing your press strategy and more. This service will be available in 2019 because we want to design very clear marketing & PR packs that allow direct correlations to your game sales.



We will launch a WordPress based website and presskit theme specifically designed for games. This will be an off-the-shelf pack coming 2019 which will allow you to very quickly generate a beautiful website for your game, as well as a section where you can add all the materials and information needed by press.


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